When you have a leak call one of the best gas engineer in Manchester

It’s important to make sure your gas appliances are installed properly, if you are a homeowner or a landlord. It’s fairly simple to spot a problem with other systems like your electrical or plumbing. If your lights suddenly shut off or your sink is backed up, you know there is an issue. Gas is a bit more subtle and issues with pipelines can cause serious health risks. A quality gas engineer will be able to lay your pipelines properly, so you don’t have any unexpected issues. When you need a professional gas engineer in Manchester, come see us at Heating and Plumbing Nationwide.

Our mission is to provide high-quality service to all of our clients. When you need a gas engineer you can trust, we’re here to help. Gas leaks can be very dangerous. If the gas line is not properly installed or it begins to wear with age, it may put your family’s health in danger. Here are a few ways you can spot a gas leak:

  • Something smells like sulfur or rotten eggs

  • There is an unexplained hissing sound coming out of the gas lines

  • Your gas bill is much higher than normal

  • You notice your plants are dying unexpectedly

  • You see hazy cloud near gas lines

A gas leak will reduce the amount of oxygen being pumped into the air. You or one of your family members may have trouble breathing, feel dizzy or light-headed, or develop flu-like symptoms. If you think you may have a leak, or you want to prevent the possibility of a leak in the future, give us a call at Heating and Plumbing Nationwide. The best gas engineer in Manchester is only a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have an issue.